How Restaurants Can Use Lead Generation to Improve Business

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After you have your new ads in place, you need to start running an ad that generates leads and fills up your restaurant.

Using tools like lead generation software, you can capture emails from potential clients so you can start personally calling them and inviting them over for a personal meal.

1) Use a Point of Sale System to Collect Contact Information

The first thing you want to do when you start getting leads is to collect their contact information.

Use a point of sale system with a built in credit card reader to capture their name and email address. This way you can start contacting people that want to hear from you.

When they are ready to come back, you will know exactly who they are and how you can best accommodate them.

2) Create a Customer Loyalty Program

When people start to come back to your restaurant, you want to encourage them to keep coming back.

Start making it easier for people to come in and enjoy food with a loyalty program.

Remember to ask if they would like to sign up when they come in the first time. Make it fun and give them benefits to encourage them to come in more often.

3) Encourage Drive-In Customers to Participate in Events

If you have a drive-in, you might have noticed that people are more likely to stop in for a meal on a weekday.

When you have a lot of traffic coming in every day, you want to encourage them to come back for more by participating in events.

Have a special catered event that is open only to customers who sign up for your newsletter. You can have a drawing for a special prize and have the most up to date schedule of events.

digital marketing

4) Give Out Coupons Through Your Website

When your restaurant is online, you can use coupons to encourage people to come in. People love to use coupons when they go out to eat. When you have a menu of food that is delicious, it will be much easier to sell people on going back with a great discount.

If you sell food that is already good, people will be able to use your coupons and get a steal on their food. When people sign up for your email list, ask them how often they would like to come in and give them a coupon for that amount off the price.

5) Make Use of Text Campaigns

The last feature of a good lead generation tool is the ability to send text campaign. When you have a lot of people visiting your restaurant, you will be able to get their attention by sending out a text message.

You can ask them to come back on a certain day and time or you can tell them about a special promotion you are having. You can even offer them a free appetiser when they come in.


Getting people to come to your restaurant is the first big step to success. When you have people coming in for great food, you can start making a profit. You can start to use lead generation tools to gain leads and notice your sales start to rise.

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