4 Lead Generation Ideas to Try for Your Social Media Campaign

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For most businesses, the days of “build it and they will come” are long gone. Consumers are far more in control of their buying decisions than ever before, and they’re actively searching for what they need at any given time.

Fortunately, social media makes it easier to search and find what you’re looking for. As a consumer, you can engage, share, and interact with brands on social media, giving you more control over your own buying decisions.

At the same time, the cost of acquiring new leads has skyrocketed. Businesses need to focus on lead generation in order to get a competitive advantage. As one of the most cost-effective channels for lead generation, social media has become a go-to platform for reaching different audiences.

With that in mind, what can your business do to make the most of your social media lead generation strategy?

Tip #1: Create Enticing Lead Magnet Offers

The first step in your social media leads generation strategy is creating intriguing lead magnet offers. Your lead magnet should offer something of value, like a report, ebook, guide, or video, that helps your potential leads solve a problem or fulfill a need.

If you’re trying to appeal to a general audience, it’s best to create something that fits into the wider industry trends. If you’re looking for a more targeted audience for your business, you can often zero in on a niche using tools like Google Trends.

Once you know who you’re trying to attract, you can create something that’s relevant to them.

Tip #2: Create CTA-Filled Landing Pages

Landing pages are the second step in your social lead generation strategy. After someone opts into your lead magnet, they will be directed to a landing page that you’ve created.

The landing page is where you’ll encourage them to opt into your lead nurturing email series. It’s also the place where you’ll drive them to take the next step in your sales to funnel.

Tip #3: Build Targeted Ads with Special Offers

After you’ve created your landing page, you need to get it in front of your potential customers. To do so, you’ll need to build ads that speak directly to your customer base.

First, you’ll want to research what your potential leads are interested in. You can do this by looking at the blog posts they’ve read, the articles they’ve shared, and the social media platforms they follow.

After you’ve done that, create a “special offer” that will drive them to your landing page. This could be a limited-time discount, a special offer, or some other incentive. The key is to make your offering as appealing as possible.

By creating a unique offer, you’ll be able to target consumers who are more likely to take action.

Tip #4: Don't Forget to Share Testimonials and Improve Your Social Proof

We’re naturally drawn to the opinion of others. If we see that other people have had a good experience with a company, or they highly recommend it to their friends, we’re going to take that as a sign that we should give them a try as well.

That’s why testimonials and social proof are so vital in your social media lead generation strategy. If you want to generate more leads for your business, you need to show your potential customers that your product is worth their time and money.

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The Bottom Line: Propelling Your Social Media Presence to Greater Heights with the Right Lead Generation Strategy

Social media has been an integral part of lead generation strategies for businesses big and small. As a lead generation channel, it’s cost-effective and quick, so it’s especially useful for companies that are looking to find potential leads and build their customer base quickly.

But it’s also quickly becoming saturated. In order to compete, businesses need to be honest, transparent, and engaging when it comes to their interactions with potential leads.

By following the advice presented in this guide, you’ll be able to build a solid foundation for your lead generation efforts on social media.

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