Surefire Ways to Help Improve Your Facebook Ad Performance

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Facebook ads are a highly effective form of digital advertising. Companies that use Facebook advertising as part of their marketing strategy can see excellent results—you can spend as little as $200 a month on Facebook ads and make your customer base grow wildly. But, to get the best results out of Facebook advertising, you need to create effective ads that resonate with customers.

The many marketers who assume that the Facebook ad system works the same way as other ads have it all wrong. First, they think that posting a sales ad will make you successful. They are wrong. Most customers on Facebook are there to check up on their friends, post about their kids’ achievements, or guffaw at the latest viral video. If you try to sell them something, they won't bother to click through your post. This is why a proper strategy is essential.

Today, let's look at how you can improve your Facebook ad performance. Here's what you need to know:

Research Your Audience

Marketers often look at Facebook ads as a relatively inexpensive way to deliver a message to a mass audience. But if the message isn’t relevant or interesting, they won’t do anything because they will think it’s not worth their time. Therefore, you will get more clicks if you take the time to research your audience, create an ad that resonates with them, and find out what they respond to.

Use the Right Tools

Yes, you can place your Facebook advertising efforts in the hands of a professional who knows how to create ads that work. But even then, you need to give the professional the information they need to make the best ads. This means sharing your objectives and your audience. It’s also a good idea to provide the professional with your content calendar to find a time to post your ads when they receive the most attention.

Provide Clear Instructions

You may have heard the claim that people don’t read. They scan, they say. While that may be true, you still need to give them instructions clearly and simply, or they won’t know what to do with your ad. Also, make sure that your ad is the right size so it doesn’t be rejected by the Facebook algorithm.

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A/B Testing

If you have several ads that you think you could use, you’d be wise to A/B test them on a small scale to see which one works best with your audience. For example, if your ads are being shown to old customers, then a different ad might draw in new customers.

Choose the Right Creative

What kind of creativity will work best for your brand? What will your audience respond to the most? Pay attention to the ads that seem to be the most popular in your industry and try to create a similar ad in style or message. You might also try testing a pay-per-click ad if you’re unsure your creative is best.

Engage with Your Audience

Even if you’re getting tons of clicks, don’t forget that Facebook is about engaging with your audience. You want to keep them hooked and coming back for more—which is why it’s important to track your Facebook efforts and make changes when necessary. Facebook ads are all about connecting with your audience and building trust. If you can do that, you’re almost always have a successful Facebook ad campaign.

The Bottom Line

Good Facebook ads aren’t about you and your brand. They’re about your customers and what they want. You need to create ads that show them how your product will solve a problem, make life easier, or fulfill a need.

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