Launch Online Grant Program

Venture into the world of e-commerce or improve your footing on it with the $7500 Launch Online Grant Program.

Small- and medium-sized businesses form the backbone of the economy of British Columbia. Galvanizing them with the right support, therefore, can go a long way in securing the nation’s economic competence and growth. This is what has fostered StrongerBC, BC’s Economic Recovery Plan, to initiate the Launch Online Grant Program. The program seeks to invest $12 million to assist small- and medium-sized businesses across BC in moving their business models online.

Leveraging the Internet for Sustainable Business Growth

The internet has managed to squeeze the globe into a deeply interconnected and highly interdependent village. On the benefitting end are individuals and businesses who have managed to or are learning to take their ventures online. After all, the internet gives you an exhaustive market, a wider reach and all-inclusive popularity in no time.

If you are a small- or medium-sized business owner and are thinking of moving your store online, then the Launch Online Grant Program is made exactly for you. Whether you run a restaurant or a boutique, sell art or utility products – chiefly anything that can also be sold online – you can avail the benefits of this grant program. But first, we would like you to have a comprehensive overview of this BC Government Grant.

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How does the Program work?

What is the Program Application and Approval Process?

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How does the Program work?

The Launch Online Grant Program assists BC-based businesses in creating online stores and/or improve their e-Commerce experience. The aim is to help them attract both new local customers as well as expand into new markets. The government grant assures payment for up to 75% of eligible expenses, up to a maximum of $7500 per business.

However, there are a few catches you should be aware of. Up to 25% of the funds will be reserved for indigenous businesses and businesses based out of the lower mainland and Greater Victoria. Also, the funds must be used to hire BC-based companies only for online store-related web development. Also, applications are invited from businesses that are ready to start and finish their online store development within 12 weeks.

What is the Program Application and Approval Process?

Step 1

Work out a grant proposal explaining comprehensively how you plan on using the funds. Businesses need to prepare a cost estimate including how much funding you would require and for what purposes.

Step 2

Complete the online application highlighting that you meet the eligibility criteria. Submit your online store proposal.

Step 3

Applicants will be contacted within 3 weeks to convey the outcome of their application.