7 Tips to Grow Your Restaurant Business in 2022

When you first start a restaurant, it's easy to fall into the "set and forget" mindset. You spend all of your time working on your food, hiring staff members, and designing the perfect menu. But what about marketing? Maybe you've been relying on social media for business so far - but if that isn't getting you anywhere, then it's time to try some new strategies!

Here are 7 tips for restaurant marketing that will help get you going in the right direction:

1. Set up Google My Business because it’s easy and only takes about 10 minutes!: One of the best ways to make your business more accessible is by using Google My Business. You can use this service, in order to let potential clients know about what their services or products are all about so they come to visit them at any time! Google My Business offers increased control over information related to a company’s profile as well as letting users create an account through which they have access not only search engine optimization (SEO) but also many other tools such as creating custom pages on-site directory sites that highlight different areas relevant towards specific categories customers might be interested into buying something if it's sold here then maybe look

2. Create an official presence on Facebook: Setting up your own page will let people know about the specials at your restaurant as well as give them another way of contacting you other than just calling or stopping by. You can use this page to upload and schedule content during the peak times when your followers are active. Boosting posts with money from Facebook Ads can also be done to promote special offers, new food items, discount coupons, and festive season celebration offers. You can also link your Instagram account with your FB business page. This will help schedule consistent posts on both social media platforms. It's important for restaurant owners to be on social media where their customers are.

3. Mobile-friendly Website for a seamless user experience: A mobile-friendly website is essential to attracting and retaining customers. With over half the world's population now using smartphones, tablets, or other types of mobile devices for search reasons it’s important that your site be easy enough to read on these screens so you can keep up with demand!

4. Efficient and Functional Online Menu and Ordering System: A lot of people think that the restaurant industry is competitive and tough to succeed in. One way you can help ensure business consistency is by taking orders online! This will save your guests time while also making life easier for yourself as an owner too. Of course, this is just one small change that could have an enormous impact on your restaurant business.

To make sure customers know what they're ordering and how it's made, the menu should list all dishes - including those not yet available in-house like takeout or online orders! The contents of each dish (ingredients prep process price) should also be detailed so there aren't any surprises when it arrives at home plate with happy faces everywhere ;)


5. Focus on SEO: It is important to focus on website ranking in order for a restaurant's website to be found by potential customers. This will maximize traffic and gain new business from increased exposure. It's important not only that you publish your own content but also to make sure other sites link back too by looking through local directories or finding other reputable sources of information about the industry in question!

6. Increase brand awareness with Remarketing and Lookalike Campaigns: With the use of remarketing and lookalike campaigns, you'll never have to worry about running out of ads again because these ads will show your customers what they want long after their original visit - even if it's months later on in an email inbox or somewhere else where people might forget all too quickly that there was ever something waiting for them at the first place around this website.

You'll find it easier to grow your business by tailoring ads and customer communications with customers in mind. Lookalike ad campaigns allow you to do this so that more people can become loyal patrons of yours without having an advertising budget earth-quakingly large like some huge companies might enjoy.


7. Emphasize on Ratings and Reviews: One of the most important things to take away from this article is that customer reviews and ratings are extremely valuable when it comes time for you, as a business owner or manager of an establishment with physical locations across Canada (or even just one), decide where your focus should be.

It's no secret they're integrated into every facet of today’s world; we use them daily without ever really thinking about how they got here nor what makes certain ones better than others? The simple fact remains though: despite all these resources available online right now - including people who have already consumed whatever product/service-sharing information interests us.

The Internet has opened up a whole new world of marketing opportunities for restaurants. No longer are you limited to just print ads, TV commercials, and billboards on the side of the road. If you're not sure where to start with your marketing plan, we can help! We've put together this list of 7 tips that will give your business an edge in today's competitive marketplace. And if you want even more detail about how Meshroad Marketing helps local businesses like yours, download our white paper or contact us here at Meshroad Marketing.

Let’s get started!